Site-Specific Recordkeeping™                  
The only complete
worldwide Point-to-Point Traceback™ database for the Equine Industry and each individual Horse in just seconds
In addition to our Agriculture database,, we offer to the worldwide Equine industry for every horse operation, large or small, private or commercial, our easy and inexpensive technology that identifies each individual horse with a freeze, hot brand, or RFID Chip on any location by using our PIDC (Premise IDentification Code) and any national premise code or brand code and records all movements of each horse
For each horse page you can add:
Pictures and video Awards and placings
Birth and growth records Transportation to and from shows
Breeding and 3 generation pedigrees All types of horse scorings, such as body condition score
Vaccination and medical records Location records of stables and pastures
Feed reations and their sources Changes of ownership
All farriers and shoeing records 1000-word notes section to track good and bad habits
Types of bits and saddles used Shows and nominations
Organizations can print our animal registration cards from the website for tournaments and shows
We keep our data confidential with secure login and password
With our effective, uniform, web-based global traceback system,
we are committed to help maintain the health of all Horses and Animals,
record their movements, and contain disease outbreaks
ScoringSystem Policy is not to sell, rent, or give out personal / private information.
All data stored in databases are encrypted with a rotating 256 bit key.